Practical Action

Practical Action is an international development agency working with poor communities in Africa , Asia and Latin America to help them choose and use technology to improve their lives for today and generations to come. For more information please visit our website at

Our work on climate change

Our climate is changing and it’s the world’s poorest people who are hardest hit by devastating droughts, floods and other extreme weather events.

This is a massive injustice – the average Briton produces 48 times more carbon dioxide every year than someone living in Bangladesh

Our work on Education

Practical Action’s Education unit offers a range of support services and resources for teachers and young people looking to address sustainability within their teaching and learning. Within the UK , Practical Action works as a key consulting body with national and local education authorities, advising on how to deliver education for sustainable development.

Other websites developed by the Education Unit include and

Our work on food

Practical Action works with farmers in developing countries building on local knowledge and traditional skills and helping them to increase their food security. However, the effects of climate change are making it increasingly difficult for farmers to cope. Practical Action works with communities to ensure food security and increase incomes.